Monday, June 6, 2011

I Wish I Dont Know You

Hey, how about the title. Okay? Err actually I can't hiding anymore. I miss him :'( yaa I miss him because when I sit alone I will remember him and all the old memories when I still with him. When I saw a couples sit to closely, I will remember how I sit beside him so closely. Yaa I miss all that memories together with him

Guys, sorry if you all think I am too desperate about him but nvm if you want to think like that. I just wanna share what I feel k. Err of course you all also feel what I feel when you break off with the person that most you love and really really care about him even almost 6 months you break off with him. Right? WTV -,-T

Hmm for sure the memories still didn't denied from my head until now. Thats why I still remember that stupid things. I clap by one hand and I just can feel the wind. Can you understand that? I dont love you but I miss you. Miss you when I remember the STUPIDUPID memories.

I sure that you never remember the old memories right? Only me remember and miss you. So fool am I. Haha LOL. Okay okay starting from now I will never and ever think, remember or what ever all the memories. And including you my dearest. Never I remember you back. Hope so k :-)

Why I must know you before? Why why why -,-t I wish I dont know you that time if I know my destiny. Hmm past is past, all of it never comes back. I must let it go, all of it I must forget it. For now, I never know you boy. NEVER k

I hope you will happy with your life and so do I. I hope you pray for me to forget you. Haha LOL. Thats all for this post. Kboii and take care. SARANG-HAE-YOU- ♥