Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Night Time to ENJOY !

Hey girls and boys. Am I look so happy or what? Haha actually I'm little bit boring k. So thats why I snap snap and snap laa. Haha and the result like you can see on top laa kan kan kan. Haha BORING ~~ LOL

Okay I just got back from release my tension and shopping with my parents and sistah. Okay there's no picture -,-t suruh sistah snap kan tak nak beliau berkata. K FOINEE sistah ! Haha LOL. So I snap laa when I arrived home. Haha sempat lagi kan kan :-P

Err I buy some shirt and what call punjabi cloth -,-t My ibu suruh beli k. Ibu said biar sama dengan my sistah #differentcolour. K nvm I accept it. Then ibu suruh I pergi Sunway tomorrow by wearing that cloth.

I was like OOEMMJIII ! #screaming :-O haha LOL. Actually I nvm nak wearing that cloth but not tomorrow k. I will wear that cloth when I going out with you all once again. Or if my sistah wear the punjabi cloth then I will wear it too. Haha funny right?

But seriously punjabi cloth tu boleh tahan lawa dia kalau pakai dengan warna, seluar and etc yang bersesuaian laa. I'm not lying k. Nvm if tak trust. Like my ayah said "FESYEN and TREND. Peduli what people wanna judge us. We buy and we wear, not them k. Our cloth so our style".

Whoaa ayah I salute you ♥ Love your words ayah. Hee okay then I will wear it one day. Dont worry k ibu and ayah. You have buy the punjabi cloth for me and sistah. So I will not disappointed you both k :-)

Haha apa apa je laa kan kan kan. K the end of my post. Love from Erin Ahmad and bye. SARANG- SARANG- SARANG- HAE- YOU- ♥