Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Boy

Hey, sorry if I wish late. But once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY k. May Allah bless you my friend :-) Yaa we friend right? Err I hope so we friend like before but you look like busy. And I still not comfortable with you.

05 June, 2011. Now you sweet 19 right? Haha dah besar dah you. Tahun depan bakal jadi pilot laa cik abang Ammar sorang ni. Haha :-) Am I wrong? Haha LOL.

I just wish your birthday just now around 5minit we text and I say baii right? Err I dont know nak text apa lagi dengan you. Sorry if I disturb your life. Maybe this is the last mentioned, text and story about you.

Btw semoga panjang umur and happy happy selalu. Study most important k. Capai your ambition k. Thanks for everything before this. Bai Ammar Farith and have a nice day :-)