Sunday, January 1, 2012

Erin Ahmad :Your Blog Will Be Restore Today

Hye and greetings to Erin Ahmad,..
After a few days conquer your own blogspot,I 've decided to return this site to its rightful owner,.
Just remember:Please always secure your blogspot at any cost.You're lucky enough because If other black hat hacker hijacked this site,you wouldn't know when you will got it back.And for your information,I'm a white hat hacker and I not a cracker.I'm just a security tester.Im here to apologize my bad for hacking your site for a bit long time. I hope you can secure it well someday,and don't blame me if someone worst than me owned this blogspot again.And certainly ,it is not me.It is someone else.

Please contact me as soon as you can,so I can give your Gmail account immediately.
After that,please change all the settings,including your Gmail email,password,security question,Recovery email and so on. Don't ever blame me or my crew if your blog is been hacked again by other blackhat.Believe me,that's not our fault.

Click here to contact me,Erin Ahmad : Syazwan KHC EXE Crew (Phenomize Slayer)

Once again,sorry for disturbing your cyber day,and Hope that this will not happens again.Thanks and farewell for now.

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