Saturday, May 7, 2011

M O N T H O F M A Y A L R E A D Y ?

Assalamualaikum. Hi readers =) long time no update blog kan kan kan. Alaa update if I was not there people like to read too kan kan kan? Then there are people not want to follow my blog too. Okay now is not going story about tuh. Nak story about in May. Hee weird right? Already aware of the unconscious in May at coats and I just feel like a new school to go check one week ago. Haha lols. Though already in five months at nearby technical school. Haha. How-2 range so close there. Some good, some bad, some happy, some sad. But all the normal life of this world closer. So be patient laa kan kan?

Okay now the month may want to exam dah kan kan. If the normal school should just 2 weeks, right? But technique 3 weeks and is difficult to imagine a subject that agaks also laa. If you want to score the test was easy. Err do not know if the mid year laa can not want to score. Tett! Wish me luck kay friend? Scared coat. Mid year exam on 10 May 2011 ni. So scare you know? Err hope so bulan May akan jadi bulan yang paling AWESOME! I really-2 hope it. Tett! Wish me luck for my exam k. I will wish you all luck juga laa for korang punya exam mid year nanti. Hmm jangan lupa study k? Jangan nak online jeh memanjang. Tengok macam I kadang-2 jerr online k. Haha kadang -2 laa sangat kan ==" Apa apa jerr laa. Yang pasti bulan May memang menggembirakan I sangat-2. Especially, I rasa I minat someone guy dekat FB ni :') Guess who? Tett! Ada laa. Haha. Okay laa baii ♥ daa~~

Sincerely, Erin Ahmad