Saturday, April 16, 2011



Hmm for sure you all weird right with my title today. But what can I do. This is my life and my destiny. I can't change what Allah dah tetapkan for me. I must accept it dengan REDHA :) He left me because I dont always with him like usual or like before. He left me because he feel lonely. He left me because his love to me has been decrease. I must understand it. Sorry if I guess he must read this post but what ever.

I dont wanna be a FAKE girl who keep it and pretend that I am cool girl. I am a stronger girl when he leave me. Yaa I admit before this I am so stronger when he said that (IS OVER). Yes I feel stronger enough that time but this time. I feel down. Why I must remember my memories with him. I thought I've been deleted it after I broke up with him but I'm wrong. The memories still in my mind and every sweet moments I never forget.

Seriously, this week I always flashback all my memories with him. It come suddenly kot. Sorry laa if my friends baca ni and tak puas hati kenapa I ingat guy yang tak berapa nak baik for me. Yaa banyak memories dengan dia. If korang rasa apa yang I rasa baru korang faham kot macam mana rasanya. Hmm I feel so so so STUPID cause miss him, remember back all the IDIOT memories when I with him. Damn it man! I'm such a LOSER! Boo me! Yeahh!

What the hell! I supposed not to be so down sangat laa kan. See I susah nak lupakan orang yang I sayang sangat sangat kot. I dont know why. Semuanya sejak dulu lagi. Hmm but everything was change. I can't do anything to fix it back. Lelaki mulut selalu manis jeh. I trust them but dorang buat macam ni dekat I. Bagi betis nak PAHA ==" Thanks to those guys or my old ex-bf yang pernah buat I kecewa and leave I. Thanks :)

Okay I just nak korang support I from behind to be more stronger. I must face it what ever happen after this. Please :'( Okay I guess until here my stupid post. Baii ♥