Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm Hopeless With All of This

Assalamualaikum :-)

Before that, sorry if my english broken but I;m trying to speaking. Thanks :P

Hey, guys. I guess a few days right I dont write anything in my blog right? Okay maybe this topic a little bit pelik but I have to write about it. Hmm can you read it what the picture written about? Yaa sometimes it right but sometimes not. I feel it many times. Maybe I feel it for monkey's love right? Hahaha yaa yaa monkey's love for teenagers like us. Start this year on January 2011 I promise with myself that I dont want to believe LOVE anymore. No matter monkey's love or true love. Can you imagine that?

I've sick with all these messed up things and want to get out from love world. I dont want love world disturb me anymore after this. For me, guys out there that I know who they are. They are just my friends and forever be my friends. Hmm those guys who ever said he likes me. Thanks handsome and I appreciate it :-) but not now kayy. I;m afraid you just like me for fun and etc. Sorry and I;m not ready yet to in relationship with anybody. Maybe not all love will end with sadness or happiness.

The most I afraid of is DUMPED -.-' The worst words ever I afraid of. Guys, same like the others. Played girls heart and hurt them. Sorry not all of the guys in this world. Some of the other guys lah kan. In my life now no more I LOVE YOU words. The words for me is dead ! Maybe I;m to care about my boy friends but isn't mean I;m attracted to you all. When I;m to care with you guys, the other girls must said "bitch, slut" and what else? They think I;m to cheap o.O I admit it I always heard it.

I;m just wanna be their friends but what I get it ? I get it nothing. When I friends with boy that who have girlfriend. It's looks like I worst their relationship. Yaa so sad to think about in once again but enough ! Enough with what all my ex do to me and especially the last one leave me when I really need him to support me :'( I trust him but I;m wrong. It will never happen again and dont want to trust any guy anymore. Sorry if my post will hurt anyone. I;m just share what I feel deep in my heart. And sorry to if my english very BROKEN :-) Baiii

Regards ; Erin Ahmad