Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Okay here we go. I'm trying to speaking okay but if my BI bad and horrible just silent okay. Dont say anything cause I know who I am. Err see the picture on top? Yaa of course you can see it right. Thats mean I cried while I wrote this post. Hmm so sad kot. When I at Ampang, everything horrible gila. Sometimes bored and felt no one happy when I home. Including my family I guess. But when my second brother back home, my ibu cooked for him. Damn it! Delicious food kot ibu cooked for him. Sakit hati tak agakss agakss? When I home ibu jarang cooked for me like she cooked for my brother. Hmm what ever laa I dont wanna story about it.

Okay now about my new problem. Maybe for you all if I story it just a simple story and no need to be childish la kan. Sorry guys, I memang dah childish and matured sometimes. Err okay aroun 2 pm something like that. I saw my phone ada orang called. Then I picked up the phone calling la kan kan kan. Tup-2 a guy called me and I thought he's my friend but I was wrong. He's stupid stranger kot. He asked me macam macam. Then when I asked him about his name. He said that his name AMIN ==" and he admit that he's my ex. IDIOT! My ex name tak ada nama AMIN laa. Sengal kan kan. I felt like wanna maki maki jeh dia that time. But when I think it twice I guess no need laa. Just sabar :D

Then dia cakap "kalau aku cakap nama aku kau nak bagi apa". Bodoh kan? Memang sah budak kampung kot. Ishh hai bodoh bodoh jeh kot. Haa lepas tuh dia cakap I bodoh. Sengal kan ==" Then dah dah done dia loya buruk I decided that to off the calling. Haa biar padan muka dia. Haa then I felt sad kot. Sebab tak pernah pernah orang called sampai macam tuh sekali. Hmm first time kot. Ishh hai siapa lah jual number aku ni. Memang nak kena si mamat sial ni. Kau tunggu jee nanti. Kau lek jee kau lek jee. Aku memang dah tahu dah siapa jual number aku ni. Siap kau! Jantan bodoh ==" Muka jeh nampak baik tapi ishh hai. Lek jee kau cool dulu eh.

Okay laa until here jee laa. Later tomorrow I will post lagi okay. Take care guess and baiiiooo ♥