Friday, July 22, 2011

I Cried Yesterday Because Of You

Hey yaa all. Hmm yeah I cried yesterday because of my friends. I don't know why and the true reason I cried. My heart say relax if they hurt me. My heart say calm down if they fool me and my heart say patient if they sulking with me.

Dear friends, I do love you all but why you backstabbing me. Am I to bad for you all? You talk back about my attitude, about my life and everything about me. I just cool, okay and relax. You never know how you hurt me that time.

I knew that you and I still new for our friendship but I trust you and you are like my siblings. Yaa maybe I'm so stupid because trust you 100%. Maybe this is the last I trust you 100%. Sorry to say but I guess I'm to kind to you all but you never appreciate me.

I dont ask much but please appreciate our friendship even we still new. I dont want you pay back everything that I gave to you. I just want you to pay with your kindness and etc. Respect our friendship.

Now, I just trust the people who always with me. Specific people only. You have made me cried. Yaa you SUCCESS made me cried baby. Congrats btw kayys :-) Now I know that you are HAPPY. Thanks to my beloved friends ♥